Temporary Though in Sammerkhill, as a rule, plays sobstven are also executed, the composition foot, nevertheless rather fine drama works cause the most ready response in children.

In one of winters I weekly read to seniors of the play.

I read them all Berri , Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov, something from Shaw and Galsworthy and a little with.

temporary plays like A silver thread and Whirlpool Our best actors and actresses preferred Ibsen.

Seniors show interest concerning technology of statement and enough original views adhere about it.

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Number of players: The recipe

Number of players: The recipe Game with dough Age: years.

Number of players: The recipe of preparation of salty dough is quite simple.

It is necessary to take two glasses of a flour, one glass of salt, one glass of the tinted water and two tablespoons of vegetable oil, it is possible to do, however, and without it, but with it dough will have more attractive appearance.

Mix all components.

Suggest to participate in mixing of dough to the kid.

The value of this entertainment consists in knowledge the child of bases of change of a condition of substance; playing with dough, he observes changes of its forms at extension, squeezing, a gap on slices, connection in a single whole.

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Then there

Then there Even after shortterm presentation of information in a visual memory its most part which remains within several seconds is postponed.

Then there is a reading of information postponed in memories, or scanning.

Lets notice that as scanning depending on a context it can be understood not only process of reading of information of memory, from the residual image, but also the ordered, purposeful movement of a look on object of perception for detection and consideration of its details.

Thus the inspection routine, its direction for everyone individually is also formed already in the preschool childhood.

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It is possible

It is possible And an essence of occupations at all not in obtaining concrete data or even in ability to read!

When we train bicepses, business not in that at all, how many times we will lift two or fivekilogram dumbbells.

It is possible to lift bricks or even small volumes of War and peace instead of dumbbells.

An essence that we train muscles of hands, and in case of Domans cards we train a brain, but not necessarily we learn concrete data on jerboas.

Among obligatory occupations at schools of doctor Shichida there is a training of eyes brains on storing of bright images.

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It helped

It helped Nobody will be compared with doctors of Bakkigaluppi who invented wonderful ointment from callosities.

It helped me when I dragged ropes by the ship.

Simple drugs for simple diseases were said by the third, young man.

When I was pursued by fear as I will support my poor family, beautiful doctor Odrabtis taught me to selfhypnosis and removed cares from my shoulders, having reminded the ancient wisdom saying that for all on light there is the pie.

The impossibility to resolve an issue, whose doctor is better, forced them to address to the old gatekeeper who heard their dispute: The old man, you heard about all these drugs how you think, whose doctor is best of all?

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